An interactive fiction set in the not-so-distant future where earning a living has never been easier.

Build a friendship, a relationship. Get a career instead of wasting your days asleep.  Become a champion. Or maybe just get a new car--it's up to you to decide if what you have is already enough.

If you get an error like this: "Error executing macro loopsound: TypeError:", either try reloading the page or just continue playing. It seems to be an issue with how itch is loading the page and goes away quickly. Large media blocking from extensions may goof with it as well.

If you have any issues, or just want to get in touch, you can tweet me @leahthecase or email:


Thank you to P for the cover art, the cursor, and just in general getting me understanding how Twine and CSS should work.

Thank you to Eric, Travis, Paul for playing my bullshit when it was even more bullshit.

Updated 27 days ago
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withTwine
TagsMultiple Endings, Sci-fi, Text based, Twine
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsMouse, Touchscreen


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I've been really engrossed in the world, but I reached a page that doesn't continue to another one, yet doesn't seem like it was an ending. It was my character saying goodbye to the Z-taggers, and there's no clickable text to move on from that. Is this game still in development, or is that unintentional?

The game is complete and all routes can be completed. If you're able to remember a bit more information about the choices you made I can look into figuring it what went loopy and made your specific situation go screwy.

Otherwise, can also restart, and if you go right through to playing Z-tag from your earliest opportunity, I can guarantee you'll be able to get down that path and reach an end.

I see. My first day was spent doing overtime and then I did all the Z-tag stuff afterwards.

This story seems cool! It's funny how I lost my leg every playthrough even though I tried to make different decisions haha this is great 

If you want a tip, be careful about choosing danger pay, and especially what job you're signed up for!

This was legitimately interesting. For the amount I played, I discovered some pretty dark subjects of this not so distant world.  This dystopia is really cool because it personifies work itself as a parasitic endeavor eating away at the soul. Z-tag was the only outlet for our fine gentlemen. I love this story and will have to continue it without the pressure of watchful eyes, however I would love to revisit this on camera nonetheless. I sense a real conflict here, especially after the military assignments. I hope you continue to write amazing stories such as this!

Thank you! I'm glad you found it interesting, the most fun I had with it was finding new places in the world to explore. There's definitely more stories in the works.