Play as one of two princesses (with choice of pronouns) and use all your cunning, pigheadedness, and moxie to bring about the end of the war and the beginning of your marriage.

You can get the FULL VERSION here.

Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(16 total ratings)
AuthorsLC3, sunny evans
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
TagsFantasy, Female Protagonist, Funny, Gay, Mouse only, Queer, Story Rich, Transgender, Twine


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Me being a trans guy and being called princess brings me some nostalgic happiness for some reason

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I really loved the demo! The scene in the prologue with the two princesses at the second summit was perfect, and I hope to see more of that. Can't wait for the full game to be released.

I pick he/him but they call me princess instead of prince.


That's actually functioning as-intended! The game's central conceit is princesses, and so that remains constant regardless of pronouns.

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Love the game :) Good to see it still going.

Had some problems though:

License office is bugged from the moment when you got the license and turn to leave. There is a couple of glitched text bubbles after that, a long error message and a dead end in the end.

There is also a dead end when you go to the deep forest.

Also the game is stopped after only two ingame days. Is that because of Demo or just incorrect counter?

That's correct--the demo is only two in-game days.

That's in part because endings won't be written until all the core content of both princesses is written (nearly there), and also because it makes anyone playing less likely to run into bugs--I've only been able to do superficial bug testing since the guts of the game are still in flux and there's a lot of writing yet to do.

I'd make the demo longer and if I had more time to set aside for bug testing, but sadly I work full time so I've focused on the writing. 

Thank you for the interest and bug reports!! I think I've found and fixed the problems, but I'll have to be sure after work and I'll try and have the fixes up by tomorrow.

Thank you for the update! Got some errors in the forest. The Ent encounter - the button "The youngest" is inactive (probably a placeholder, no?) And several screens are bugged: if I understand correctly, "Collapsed grow", "Quiet End", "Stump" and "Spring".

Love the mushroom ring :)

By the way, did you change the insults in the purring dog encounter? I like the old ones better, but it's up to you of course.

I'm impressed you've been so thorough! But yeah, the forest hasn't been tested in-depth yet since I'm still planning to make a number of changes so I haven't wanted to chuck a lot of time into fixing things that won't stay--that's good to know those issues, though, and they're in theory fixed up.

The Ent issue is odd, though, since it works correctly when I shortcut to it and it's correct in the file. It must be something I'll have to fix engine side since the systems that handle branching dialogue are still a bit rough.

I also changed the insults since they were less  fun and just sorta... mean to the point that it threw me off when editing. I'll probably make 'em a bit stronger in the next round.

Once again, thank you! 

I love this game so much, but I come across a lot of dead ends and errors. I'm so excited for the full release and to follow the development! The art style is beautiful as well :)


Sorry for the dead ends and errors,  but I'm really glad you enjoyed it! All of princess 1's core content is written, so it's currently being beautified and fixed up so that the final release will hopefully be pretty and silky smooth.